Greetings and Salutations!

Hi, all!

I thought that for the inaugural post that I’d introduce the site and my plans, so here goes!

I am creating this site with the goal of finding and maintaining links to some of the more interesting, more practical and impractical, and more exotic gear that runners might find interesting.  Some of the items I’ve found useful in my own running, some are things my running friends have recommended, and some are just fun.  When I started running, I knew nothing about the tools of the trade.  Like a lot of people, especially at that time, I started running in sweats and sneakers.  All cotton, from head to toe.  We’ve come a long way since then!  As I write this, I’m dressed to go for a run. I’m wearing a shirt with “space blanket” material on the inside to help reflect my body heat back and keep me warm on a chilly morning.  I have on a pair of compression socks to help protect my calf muscles and move the blood back up.  I’m wearing tights as well.  The shoes I have on are the 14th generation of improvements in this particular model. When I go out, I’ll add a wind breaker and gloves.  None of it is cotton.

In addition to the gear itself, I hope to use this as a place to comment on the running world.  I want to find links to the remarkable world of running, how it touches not just the runners but the world around us, the incredible achievements of not just the world record holders, but the ordinary people who become extraordinary through running, and how the world around sees running.  I might even try movie reviews along the way.

I’ll also probably talk about my own running.  Please be patient with those parts!

And I’ll probably add a picture or two of running events.


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