IDs for the Runner

Many people go for a run without identification.  They may be only going for a run around the block, a run in the park or just a few road miles and so they don’t worry about having ID with them.  Even if they do carry something like their driver’s license or state ID, they may be separated from them in the case of an accident or a robbery.

That’s where having a special ID can be helpful.  RoadID, for example, offers what they call “personal identification gear” in styles for your wrist, shoe, neck and ankle, and in different styles. Even if the first responders have difficulty in finding your license or state ID, having a RoadID attached to your wrist will give them the data that they need.  A robber is unlikely to want to take it, as well.

In addition, you can get a phone app from them that will do real-time tracking so friends and family can follow along on your runs (via email or text message as well as on a map), a stationary alert in case you are injured and unable to move, and a way to have your phone’s lock screen show vital information to first responders. RoadID warns that this app is a secondary tool and that you should still carry a physical ID as well.