Lights and Reflective Gear

Going out for a run in the early morning or after dark can be a hazardous proposition.  Having good illumination and reflective gear can make running much safer and more comfortable.

Passive reflective gear can help you be seen by making you visible to headlights. Many shoes and much clothing has at least some reflective material incorporated in their design. However, the reflectivity may not very large or bright. More effective are vests and belts made to show up with even a little light hitting them.

Illumination takes two forms. There are a number of devices that provide light for letting someone else see you – you might call them “running lights” – that you can wear. Some of these are simple, such as the glow sticks you see around Halloween. Others are battery powered. Road ID has some pretty nifty ones.

The other form is active lighting for you to navigate in the dark, such as headlamps and the Nightrunner 270 that clips to your shoes.

Safe nighttime running may require a combination of all three forms of illumination.